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The Society For International Affairs

The Society for International Affairs is a student society in Trinity College Dublin. We aim to give students with an interest in international affairs and diplomacy an opportunity to explore these interests. We strive to create a forum where students can learn from experts in these fields including ambassadors, journalists and human-rights lawyers. SOFIA tries to cover every aspect of international affairs from a variety of perspectives in order to provide our members with a balanced and informative picture of the most pressing issues facing the global community today.

Politalk Podcast

Politalk is a joint podcast venture between SOFIA and The Colloquium, Trinity’s politics publication. At its heart, Politalk is a podcast that strives to shed some analytical light on the top political stories from all the corners and continents of the world.


New episodes in 2022

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Upcoming Events

Follow our social media channels for the most up to date information on events.

Wednesay 1 pm- 3 pm ATRIUM room 2 (1).png

Join us every Wednesday from 1pm-3pm for our weekly Chat-uccinos! Come along to chat about college, meet new people, discuss our latest events, and everything in between! 

About Our Events

We regularly host speakers who talk on all aspects of foreign affairs and diplomacy. Members have the opportunity to engage with these guests and are always encouraged to ask questions. Previous speakers include Samantha Power and ambassadors and from all over the world. The highlight of our year is the annual Ambassador's Ball, which provides members the opportunity to talk all things international relations over dinner with 30+ diplomats.

SOFIA has also hosted Model United Nations (MUN) workshops and has sent its members to MUN conferences across Europe. MUNs simulate United Nations committees with participants role playing the representatives of different countries. Every participant or 'delegate' is tasked with pursuing the interests of the country they are representing.

Any current student of Trinity College Dublin can become a member of our society. Membership entitles you to access to all of our regular weekly events for the duration of the academic year. Once you sign up you will receive our weekly newsletter and can get access to all our event recordings.

Past SOFIA Events

Video Archive

Whenever possible, SOFIA records guest speakers. Our members can access these recordings through the member's area of our website. You can view some highlights of previous events below. For photos from our events see our Instagram page.

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